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Throughout the year, we welcome everyone who is enthusiastic about Tunnel Lab .

You can help us on Marketing , Communication , Business model , Fundraising , Programming, Impact Measurement, Designing etc etc ..

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Dado Sutter Tunnel Lab

Dado Sutter - Volunteer Professor
Dado is an electronic engineer, programmer and an enthusiastic of the Maker Movement. He is the founder and director of OHMS, the first Maker Space in Rio de Janeiro. He was also the creator of an open source programming language called E-lua, which is currently being tested by NASA and might be used on their first mission to Mars. 

Mariana Salles Tunnel Lab

Mariana Salles - Volunteer Professor
Mariana majored in industrial design at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is the founder of Bolei, a sustainable design office, and is currently developing vrum vrum, a startup that build toys out of electronic waste. 

Aldo Munhoz Tunnel Lab

Aldo Munhoz - Volunteer Professor
Aldo is graduating with a degree in computer science from CEFET- RJ and his passion for the Maker Movement brought him to work at OLABI, a Fab-Lab in Rio, to explore his skills in 3D printing and coding. 

Sergio Naiki Tunnel Lab

Sergio Naiki - Volunteer Professor
Sergio is a digital designer with 14 years of experience working with teams in web, layouts and animation. 

Leonardo Machado


Leonardo Machado - Volunteer Professor
Leo is a business consultant at Bain & Company and is finishing his degree in business administration at UFRJ. 

Julia Abreu

Julia Abreu - Operations
Julia is a student studying International Relations at PUC- Rio. She was an ambassador at the Choice Movement and has experience at the Make Sense Community in Brazil. 

Lis Passburg Brum


Lis Passburg Brum – Impact Measurement
Lis has a degree in advertising from PUC- Rio and more than 4 years of experience in Marketing and CRM. She currently lives in London where she is finishing her Master's in Innovation from Central Saint Martin. 

Giovanni Grosso Tunnel Lab

Giovanni Grosso – Design and Technology
Giovanni is an aspiring designer that accepted the challenge to help Tunnel Lab students by serving as a monitor for all prototyping and coding activities. 

Maddie Callis Tunnel Lab


Maddie Callis – Fundraising and Mentoring
Maddie majored in Latin American studies in the United States and came to Brazil to study Entrepreneurship at PUC Rio. She has more than 4 years of experience in fundraising for International NGO's

Maria Fernanda Burgos Tunnel Lab

Maria Fernanda Burgos – Business Mentorship
Maria grew up in Venezuela where she majored in dentistry and earned a global MBA. She has more than 6 years of experience with marketing and sales. 

Renata Turlao Tunnel Lab


Renata Turlao – Advertising
Renata got an MBA in Business Management from ESPM


Heverton Sarah Tunnel Lab

Heverton Sarah – Developer
It came from Acre to Rio de Janeiro for a master's degree in programming and work on producing games.

Andre Pereira Tunnel Lab


Andre Pereira – Electrical technician
Andre is pursuing a BA in Physics.


Maria Clea Tunnel Lab

Maria Clea – Innovation
Local agent of SEBRAE Innovation, Maria is accustomed to the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship among working with youth class .

Capture d’écran 2015-09-28 à 12.45.37.png

Vinicius Azeredo – Marketing
With a degree in advertising , Vinicius worked at L'Oréal . He recently decided to venture into entrepreneurship.


Felipe Lopes Tunnel Lab

Felipe Lopes – Product designer
Felipe has a master UFRJ , specializing in rapid prototyping.


Joe Sawa Tunnel Lab


Joe Sawa – Engineer
American engineer and entrepreneur. Currently works at Shell.

Michelle Lenzen Tunnel Lab


Michelle Lenzen – Journalist
Michelle is an american journalist, entrepreneurship and technology enthusiast.

Patrick Whyte Tunnel Lab


Patrick Whyte – Technology
Patrick is a student, He has great knowledge in programming and technology , as well as an interest in business .

Joao Tohru Tunnel Lab


João TohruPhotographer
João has worked many time with Tunnel Lab before.

Luis Filipe Tunnel Lab


Luis Fillipe – Prototyping
Luis is a designer product formed at UFRJ . He is a specialist in prototyping and project execution.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-28 à 12.59.12.png

Mariana Pozzi – Business & Programming
student, is very interested in business and has recently become interested in programming.

Thomas Chadricky Tunnel Lab


Thomas Chadricky – Finance
Thomas is student, He is very interested in business, especially finance.

Daniel Rabinovitch Tunnel Lab



Daniel Rabinovitch – Entrepreneurship
Daniel is a student, He is interested in business and entrepreneurship .

Allison Clark Tunnel Lab


Allison Clark - Business Development
Allison currently studying anthropology in Germany

Clio Therage Tunnel Lab


Clio Therage -  Marketing
Clio is Product Manager for Danone Dairy in France . She helped us on marketing during her world tour.