Tunnel Lab’s mission is to democratize the culture of entrepreneurship and the production of technology, making it accessible to those living in marginalized communities.

In order to scale this idea all over the country, we have two objectives :
- Classes have to take place in any location with no physical investments
- Classes have to involve the maximum of people

That's why we are developing a digital capacity training program to educate facilitators with our contents.


Our digital platform will graduate local tutors, each responsible for running our program and fostering a network of social-tech entrepreneurs in one or more of Brazil’s favelas.

The professors will also have access to a low cost and reusable technology kit, which they will use during the program, eliminating the need of additional infrastructure and making it possible for classes to take place in any location

Tunnel Lab would manage all the relations and make sure that the classes maintain an equal level of expectation. Tunnel Lab would also take care of all costs, payments, and scholarships of the program.

With this strategy we can reach thousands of students each year, expanding infinitely not only within Brazil but internationally !


Tunnel lab why we want train tutors

By training out tutors to act inside low income communities we can decentralizeknowledge so that we can have thousands of units all over the country generating thousands of business ideas that can change our economy.

Our vision is to have Tunnel Lab hubs all over the word supporting a global network of tech social entrepreneurs.


Scale Tunnel Lab

In 10 years, we want to have units all over the world with a global network solving real problems !