Apply for a chance to earn a spot at our new online volunteer  media fellowship with the united nations! 

 Here is a chance to really make a diference and learn some very cool new skills! 

We are selecting 15 high school students  from Brazil and the US to enroll in our newest tech and entreprenurship volunteer  project with the United Nations!

The Media Fellows will be responsible for creating and implementing an advertising and  media strategy to raise awareness to our newest educational program "Nova Geração", that will focus on creating tech business solutions for communites in  the states of Rio de Janeiro and Pará.

The fellowship program starts from June 2oth up to August 25th, with weekly  online milestones and challenges that need to be achieved by the team. From creating our project logo, to building a website and applying social media strategies, fellows will be actively involved and productive!

The Midia Fellowship will be held online, but still, we demand all fellows to actively participate in each task, and devote their time to the program!

At the end of the program each fellow will receive a certificate of participation  signed by all partners  as well as having their name on our social impact report.

Eager to apply?

All you have to do is join our fundraising challenge!


For our Advertising and Media Fellowship we are looking for specific skills in our candidates such as : determination, efficiency and proactiveness.  In order to test and select sudents with this profile we have decided to create a small challenge! 

You have 30 days to  advocate and fundraise as much as you can for Tunnel Lab! Use your creativity, buid a strategy and create your own small project!


Here are the rules :


1)  Register here


2) Download our logo here  our videos here, and our pictures here

Important : for this fundraising challenge you are not allowed to mention or add the United Nations logo, or any other company's logo.

All the funds generated by this challenge will be donated to Tunnel's current  social programs  in Rio de Janeiro and in Rio grande do Sul, so use Tunnel Lab's personal info, videos, pictures and all you can find in our website.


3) You need to submit your  strategy project to jmoura@tunnellab.org and deposit what you were able to fundraise  by june 15th to any of the following :

Brazilian Bank details :

Banco Itaú
Agency : 0407
Account Number : 10833-1
Address : Rua Muniz Barreto 44, sala 202
Rio de Janeiro. RJ, 22251090

International  Bank details:

Bank of America
Account Number : 325047320716
Routing Number : 121000358 (Paper and Electronic)
Routing Number : 026009593 (Wires)
Address : 570 Beale Street ap 331
San Francisco, CA, 94105

4) Selection Criteria

Its not about the amount of money you have raised, but what you were able to do for real on such a short notice.! We will be avaluating the following :

  • Ability to perform with short deadlines
  • Commitment
  • Creativity and execution of the strategy
  • Passion for our cause


5) Fundraising challenge results and selected Media Fellows

Selected Candidates will be individually contacted by email


6) In case you need our non profit certificates or our 501(C)(3) CHARITY status  just contact us via email  to jmoura@tunnellab.org

Good Luck!