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Favela games is a company of game programming that produces educational games that reflect the cultural movements of favelas, in a POSITIVE way.

Allison , Francisco and Julia created FAVELA GAMES during the Pilot Year of Tunnel Lab.

What WE want to solve

During our Tunnel Lab experience, we noticed that Brazilian Favelas suffer from a lack of positive cultural representation.
The whole world talk about favelas in a very negative way : Drugs, Alcohol, violence... Nobody talks about Carnaval , Dance,  Gambiarra , Football, Music or Kite in Favelas.

At the same time , Favelas represent a gigantic market in the gaming world , and they can't see themselves represented in this industry (Source : Search Games Brazil 2015) :

They represent 20 Million of players, that means 50% of the game market
78% Have a smartphone
82% Play with games on their smartphone

Games representing Favelas are very popular, as Revolta Favela and Favela Wars. But in addition to being produced by foreigners or people outside favelas, they use only violent themes.

That's why we created FAVELA GAMES : a company which produces games that reflect the reality of favelas.


Sejoganopassinho Favela Games Tunnel Lab

The first game developed is the Passinho Dance. It's a mobile version of popular Dance Battle , but with scenery, characters and songs that represent Favelas, with the theme of Passinho , very popular funk rhythm and dance similar to Break Dance in the United States . The game has a great chance to become viral because it is one of the favorite hobbies of local boys. In July 2015, we launched a test version : Demo version obtained in just one week more than 1000 downloads !

Now, we are seeking an investment of 40,000 to develop the full experience of the game by rotating the freemium model through sale of life packs , new music and steps.


Allison Cavalcante Favela Games Tunnel Lab

Allison Cavalcante

15 years old, She lives in Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro.
Allison is a born manager. He loves finance and technology and has great leadership among their peers.

Julia Ferreira Favela Games Tunnel Lab



Julia Ferreira 

15 years old, She lives in Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro.
Julia has an incredible sensitivity. Very attentive, she has a great ability to capture and convey big issues that justify team's ideas.


Francisco Ronaldo Favela Games Tunnel Lab

Francisco Ronaldo

15 years old, She lives in Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro.
Francisco is the dreamer of the team. He likes many things from communication and advertising and encourages the team to raise ever higher flights.



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